Talks, Training, & Lecturing

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Professor Christina Richards speaking at the British Psychological Society (BPS) DCoP Annual Conference.

I regularly present  at academic conferences, teach in universities, and provide training for organisations such as the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists (COSRT); Relate; the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, the Police Service, NHS Trusts and similar organisations.

Training for organisations is usually for half or full days and is on a sliding scale. Please contact me for details at:

I can provide training on any of the chapters in my book being:

  • Introduction to sexuality and gender
  • Transgender (Trans) – Living a different gender from that assigned at birth
  • Intersex / Diversity of Sexual Development (DSD)
  • Cisgender – Living in the gender assigned at birth
  • Non-binary genders – Genderqueer, Neutrois, Agender.
  • Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadomasochism (BDSM) / Kink
  • Asexuality
  • Bisexuality
  • Lesbian and Gay sexuality
  • Heterosexuality
  • Further Sexualities – Infantilism AB/DL, Fetish, Slash fiction
  • Monogamy
  • Non-monogamy

Each chapter would usually take a minimum of half a day, with a day giving a more reasonable overview. If groups consist of less than fifty delegates training is generally interactive. With groups of over fifty it is usually more didactic or ‘lecture based’ for pragmatic reasons.

Academic lectures

If you would like to see me keynoting the 2018 British Psychological Society Division of Counselling Psychology Annual Conference you can see me here:

Some testimonials
(Hidden here because they always seem a bit brash, but apparently are a thing now…):

“Christina Richards passion and energy for her topic was infectious! Also enjoyed the variety of work presented, wish I could have attended more presentations but couldn’t due to conflicts in timings”

“Christina Richards’ presentation was engaging, informative, pragmatic and inspiring. Outstanding.”

@CRichardsPsych I’m reading your books as part of my counselling psych training. I feel lucky to have heard you speak with such passion.”

“It has been a pleasure, again, to be taught by Dr Christina Richards. I have really appreciated her teaching style, knowledge and experience.”

“An extremely interesting and informative day. Christina’s knowledge and presentation of this topic is very accessible.”

“Very clear delivery. Lots of information – but really easy to grasp.”

“Superb in all aspects. Delivery, in depth expert knowledge on every topic the course dealt with. A true passion and enthusiasm which came out very clearly which made for an even better experience”

“This was one of the best I’ve attended over the years both for content and presentation.”

“Great knowledge. Dealt with a sensitive subject in a very good way.”

“Completely engaging, thought provoking, knowledgeable, personable, relaxed and created a ‘safe space’.”

“Christina was hugely knowledgeable and although came from a medical background presented in an accessible way and on around day-to-day issues. I found Christina really engaging and I don;t know where the four hours went. Christina was very open to questions and provided helpful and knowledgeable answers.”

“I thought she was excellent, incredibly knowledgeable with an approachable and engaging style.”