Palgrave Book Series: Critical and applied approaches in sexuality, gender, and identity

Call for Book Proposals

 Dear friends and colleagues

Palgrave Macmillan have asked me to edit a Book Series for them. Naturally I’m delighted.

The Series will bring together people from various fields associated with sexuality and gender as I worry that it’s easy to fall into working in silos and feel we are better working together – indeed much of my work to date has been about building those bridges. The Series is consequently entitled:

Critical and applied approaches in sexuality, gender, and identity.

This Palgrave Series will focus on both sexuality and gender as the two are often fundamentally intertwined – it is difficult to write about lesbian sexuality without considering women; about heterosexuality without considering the gender dichotomy; about BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadomasochism) without gendered power relations; and so on. Gender and sexuality are areas of developing theory and research which are becoming ever more salient within wider culture, with legal matters concerning trans and non-binary gender rights, same sex marriage, BDSM, etc., making news almost daily – and concurrent work in both theoretical and applied settings reflecting this shift towards diverse understandings of sexuality and gender.

Consequently, the multi-domain focus on sexuality and gender, both within the academy and outside of it, is reflected in the Series. The Series will reflect the best contemporary thought in these fields – namely that the traditional silos of professional domains such as sociology, medicine, nursing, psychology, human geography, etc., are no longer appropriate for dealing with such complex and nuanced topics. To this end the Series will look specifically to include volumes which are at the intersections of domains. As seen in the successful edited collection The Palgrave Handbook of the Psychology of Sexuality and Gender, which includes contributions from doctors, a lawyer, sociologists, and psychologists among others, this can be undertaken within the broad ambit of psychology, or have reference to psychology or psychologists. Consequently titles concerning psychiatry and surgery for example; or law and sociology would be quite acceptable. In addition, intersections within a field would be welcome – for example drug and talking therapy approaches in sex therapy; or in intersection of different modalities in psychotherapy concerning gender, or sexuality. There are of, course, very many other intersections one might imagine.

Because of these intersections it is intended that the proposed Series will also be of interest to both applied and theoretical professionals and so submissions are sought which take both a critical and a practical approach to the matter at hand.

If you think you may have an authored book or edited collection which would suit the Series then I would be grateful if you could send me two hundred words (or more if you wish) outlining your thoughts. There is no commitment from you at this stage. If it looks like your work would fit with the Series I will send you the full Book Proposal Proforma specific to the Series and ask you to return it to me by email.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this Palgrave Series and, if you wish to publish an authored or edited work within it, I look forward to working with you.