You can contact me by e-mail at:

My postal correspondence address (for correspondence only, I do not see clients here) is:

Office 200, Fortuna House, 88 Queen Street, Sheffield, S1 2FW

I’m always happy to meet new people and be involved in new projects – or if I can help out with advice on academic and especially activist work please don’t hesitate to drop me a mail. I’m usually pretty busy so please bear with me if you don’t get a response straight away and feel free to poke me (gently!) if I don’t respond in a reasonable timeframe – I seem to have a rather enthusiastic spam filter.

Please see my pages on Press enquiries and Talks and Training for more info on those areas.

While I am not taking on new patients currently, if you would like to contact me about my private practice please have a look here and if you would like to please e-mail me.

Private Practice Contact
Please note I will not receive contact regarding my private practice through my NHS clinics. This is because I am not contracted to work privately when I am at work within the NHS; and the administrative staff are accordingly not allowed by the NHS Trusts I work at to pass any information on to me, including the fact that you have called.

Instead, please e-mail me.

NHS Contact
Unfortunately for clinical safety reasons I cannot respond to NHS clinical queries, no matter how urgent, through this e-mail address. Emails about NHS clinical care consequently have to be deleted without being fully read and will not be responded to.

Really – I honestly do get how tough it can be – and how urgent, but it isn’t safe for me to respond to NHS clinical mails here and I can’t make exceptions – yup even in your case (sorry).

If you do have a NHS clinical query you should bring it up at your next appointment or contact your clinic at:

Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic
Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust
Lief House, 3 Sumpter Close,
Tel: 020 8483 2801

If you have an urgent query about your NHS care you should contact your GP or primary care physician in the first instance.

If you are having a really tough time the Samaritans on 116 123 can be pretty helpful.

Winston Churchill said “When you’re going through hell – keep going” – sage advice from a man who suffered from depression or the ‘black dog’ as he called it. Self care, reasonable food, sleep and exercise as well as talking to a friend and/or a therapist can all be invaluable. You may also like Dorothy Rowe’s excellent book Depression: The way out of your prison and/or Kate Bornstein’s Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks & Other Outlaws although I couldn’t possibly endorse all 101 options…

Otherwise one of the support organisations listed here may be helpful.