The Heteronormative Matrix

Here’s a little thing I adapted from the script of The Matrix. It was uncannily easy… MORPHEUS Do you believe in fate, Neo? NEO No. MORPHEUS Why not? NEO Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life. MORPHEUS I know exactly what you mean. Again, that smile that could […]

Transition regret

I’ve been thinking a bit about people who regret transition recently. I’ve said before  how I have great respect for those people who decide to revert to their birth-assigned gender. This is because it can be a difficult undertaking when so much has changed in their lives and the pressure from trans communities can be somewhat […]

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s day all. It saddens me that it was within my lifetime that rape within marriage was made illegal in the UK, but I am happy things have moved on a little. Now we just need to get equal pay, rights, power (not the soft proxy ‘influence’ until it is equally the case […]

Sexualization Report out today

The Sexualization Report complied by Feona Attwood, Clare Bale and Meg Barker is being launched today. I was privileged to be asked to contribute on trans, and area which intersects all to often in the public imagination, if not the more prosaic realities of trans people’s lives. It’s much needed and a recommended read for […]

Book launch and BPS Guidelines day

October 3rd saw the launch of Sexuality & Gender for Mental Health Professionals: A Practical Guide as well as a day with 60 or so colleagues reflecting on the British Psychological Society guidelines on working with sexual and gender minorities. There is a Storify of the live tweeting from the event here, including a summary of discussions and […]