Transition “as a permanent way to control violence.”

People may have seen this in which transition is apparently being used an an attempted defence against murder and as a way of controlling violence.

Transition doesn’t work that way.

Transition is, of course, a radical shift in many trans people’s lives (although for some transition will be more gradual and others will not have made a ‘transition’ from one gender to another as such). However, transition does not create two people any more than any other major life events do.

People who are prone to violence, including sexual violence, who go through a major life event such as transition will still need to deal with their violence afterwards in whatever way they (if they have not acted upon the impulses) and/or those responsible for them (if they have) deem appropriate.

It is a shame that trans is once again being implicated in this sort of thing as it seems – from the news reports – that the violence here potentially has more to do with one disturbed individual’s ideas around gender, rather than  the realities of trans people’s lives, both before and after transition.